Mount Laguna

High up in the Cuyamaca Rancho State Park in southeastern San Diego County, at an elevation of about 6,100 ft above mean sea level, this site covers portions of Interstate 8 as well as portions of the Coachella Valley around the Salton Sea.

The Remote was removed from the old Forest Service building in late 1997 and was installed in the new facility in mid 1998. The pictures below show the new building and 50 foot tower. The old building was about 300 feet behind this new building.

The picture below shows the inside of the new facility. This picture was taken around June of 1997, just after the building was opened for occupation. The Cactus radio has been placed just to the left of the cabinet shown in the picture. There is a 60 foot run from the cabinet to the front of the building and then another 130 foot run to the antennas. Since this is a new facility, the site owner requires strict installation requirements be maintained to keep this site in a neat and professional manner.

The radio consists of a Palomar Telecom Controller, a Motorola "MSY" Remote, with the transmitter driving a Cactus Standard 28 volt 80 watt output power amplifier. The link radios consist of three (3) Motorola Mitreks as transmitters and three (3) Motorola Mitreks as receivers. There is also a 35 watt GE MASTR Exec II Hi-Band mobile radio crystaled on 146.460 Mhz simplex as the 2 Meter Remote Base.

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