Mount Lukens

Directly above the city of Pasadena at an altitude of about 5,074 ft above mean sea level, Mount Lukens covers the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valleys. This radio was installed in 1992 when the radio was moved out of the Verdugo Peak site, completely rebuilt in a new cabinet by Robin, WA6CDR, and Peter, KK6QP, and installed at the Mount Lukens site 72 hours later.

This is a picture of the site looking northeast. The brown building is divided into three rooms. The Remote is in far right room, closest to the tower. The 440 Stationmaster Community receive antenna is mounted on the riser at the top of the left leg. The transmit antenna is mounted on the first crossarm down from the top and is on the left side. The brown building underneath the tower is the emergency generator room.

The Remote consists of a Motorola MSY Remote, with the transmitter driving a Cactus Standard 28 volt 80 watt output power amplifier. The link radios consist of Motorola Mitreks as transmitters and two (2) GE MASTR Pro wideband receivers. A third link, a piece of wire, connects the MSRN affiliate that's in a cabinet right next to the Cactus cabinet. The site uses a 440 Super Stationmaster Community receive antenna mounted on a riser at the top of the 100 foot self supporting tower. This is the highest antenna on the tower. The transmit antenna is a 440 Super Stationmaster mounted at the 80 foot level.

This picture shows the front of the rack, from top to bottom, the Motorola MSY, the Palomar Telecom controller, the back of the 2 GE MASTR Pro wideband receiver power supplies, the fronts of the 2 Mitrek Link transmitters and the Astron power supplies.

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