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The Cactus Intertie System thrives on long term dedicated membership. Every member is encouraged to participate, in anyway that they can, in the activities of the Cactus Intertie System. It is very expensive and time consuming to maintain and expand the system.

Donations of equipment, money and time are gratefully accepted. Participation in work parties at various sites is highly encouraged and welcomed.

Work parties can be as simple as cleaning the weeds around a site to meet fire regulations to a complete installation of a new remote base on a mountain top.

Work parties need vehicles for transport, sometimes 4WD is required, tower climbers, ground crews to cut weeds, handle feed lines, move equipment around, hoist antennas and feed lines up the tower, etc. There is usually some type of job at a work party that is suited for any members capabilities.

We have had work parties where our handicapped members have opened up their houses located close to the base of mountains to us, serve dinner and provide sleeping arrangements. Without this type of  participation, the work party would have only gotten 50% of the necessary work accomplished!

In addition, most of the mountain top sites offer spectacular views of the surrounding area. You may find this a great alternative to sitting in front of a computer screen.

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