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The first thing most people ask after they discover one of our remote base frequencies and listen for a few minutes is "This sounds like fun, how do I become a member?"

As simplistic as this answer may sound, listen to the system. Listen to the people talking and what they talk about. Truly decide if you desire to become involved in the type of operation that the Cactus Intertie System offers. The system offers a unique blend of technical exchange along with personal ones.

After you decide that Cactus Intertie System membership is for you and offers you the unique aspect of amateur radio that you desire, and you truly want to become involved, listen to the callsigns of the members talking to see if you know someone. With over 1500 members the chances are fairly good that you will. If you don't know any members, continue listening. Many members are involved in, and talk about amateur and other activities they are involved with and you can get to know them through these other activities.

The Cactus Intertie, Inc., as well as all of the affiliate clubs, is a private, dues paying membership organization. In order to use any of the remote base radios within the Cactus Intertie System, you must be a member of either the Cactus Intertie, Inc. or one of the affiliate clubs depending on which area you reside in and where most of your operating will be done.

To become a member, you must be "sponsored" in writing, by a current member in your local area. This written sponsorship can either be a written letter mailed to the Cactus Intertie, Inc. address or a soft copy of the letter e-mailed to the Cactus Intertie, Inc. e-mail address below. The reasons for requiring this type of sponsorship are threefold. First, with the system as large as it is and with over 1500 members, we need to ensure the system is enjoyable for every member to operate. Secondly, we are looking for individuals that will be committed to a long term membership obligation. Many of the people who were members at the inception of the Intertie System in 1973 are still actively involved today. Thirdly, it is the responsibility of the sponsor to provide the basic system operational training to the new member. The management of the Cactus Intertie, Inc. cannot provide this training on a continual basis.

If you would like to have a record on file regarding your interest in membership, drop a postcard or letter with your name, call sign, address, phone number and nearest major city to Cactus Intertie, Inc. at the following address:

Cactus Intertie, Inc.
1107 Fair Oaks Avenue #142
South Pasadena, Ca. 91030-3311

E-Mail: cactus1 at (@) cactus-intertie dot org

We apologize for not providing a direct e-mail address but the web crawlers that distribute spam are unbearable


If you are located in the Southern California area, the information on this page contains all the information necessary for you to pursue membership in the Cactus Intertie, Inc. You must be sponsored by an existing member with a letter of recommendation. Any correspondence regarding Cactus Intertie, Inc. membership will be kept on file for future reference but will not be responded to. If you live elsewhere, your request will be forwarded to the affiliate group in your local area. Most affiliate groups have similar requirements.

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