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2022 Annual Cactus Intertie Meeting

March 4-5, 2022 

Yuma, AZ

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The 2022  Cactus Intertie System annual meeting will be held on March 4-5, 2022, at the Yuma Hilton Garden Inn, in Yuma, AZ. The Yuma Hilton Garden Inn is located at 310 N. Madison Ave., in Yuma AZ 85364. The hotel phone number is 928-783-1500. The hotel is about five miles from Yuma International Airport (YUM). You may make reservations at the hotel by using the link below and using group code CACTUS, or contacting the hotel directly at the phone number listed. A block of rooms are reserved for this event and a special room rate will be available until the group block is sold-out, or February 5th, whichever comes first. The room rate is $119.00 for a single or double, per night, plus local taxes.

The meeting will begin at 8:00am, with doors opening at approximately 7:00am. It is suggested you arrive around when the doors open so that you can get checked in. There will also be a swap table and a raffle prize table available for review and purchase.

Hotel reservations may be online by clicking here and using group code "CACTUS"


For those people that will be using commercial airline transportation to the meeting, you should fly into Yuma International Airport (YUM).  You should check with the hotel directly to see if shuttle service is available.

There is limited parking space for motor homes on the south overflow parking lot . For those who come and don’t want to dry camp, there are several RV parks within a few miles.  Questions regarding the hotel accomdations, the meeting or transportation/parking concerns may be sent to KB6BOB (Don Braun)at kb6bob@cox.net.

Friday afternoon, March 4th, there will be a Cactus Intertie System Training session held at the hotel beginning at 3:00 pm. The doors will open at 2PM to allow people time to get in, visit, buy a manual, and get seated. Following the training there will be a pizza and beer social gathering. The cost of the pizza and beer is $10, cash only.

Saturday evening, March 5th, a buffet dinner will be served at the hotel beginning at 5pm.  The cost is $40 per person, inclusive of tax and gratuity.inner will be a Dinner Buffet (Mediterranean Flavors) which will include a Caesar or Caprese Salad, Chicken Piccata with either a baked penne pasta with Italian sausage or a penne pasta with vegetables, marinara sauce and Asiago Cheese.  There will also be a vegetable primavera , bread and breadsticks with olive oil and Balsamic Vinaigrette.  Finally, stuffed cannoli along with coffee, hot tea and/or iced tea.

2022 Cactus Meeting Swap Table Information!

This is your opportunity to bring out some of that junk that's been collecting in the garage, on the workbench, or the kitchen table. Now's the time to root around and find a few items to bring along! Turn it into cash, or perhaps trade with another member for something more useful! Looking for something obscure? In need of a new project? Who knows! It might just be sitting on the Swap Table! 

Rules are simple:

- Items must be of an amateur or commercial radio nature. No computer junk, 11 meter rigs, etc.
- Small to medium sized items only, please. We simply can't handle your quarter-kW MICOR's.
- Please conduct swap table deals before and after the meeting, during breaks and during lunch so as to not detract from the meeting.
- The CII and its affiliates cannot be held liable for swap table activities, you buy, sell and trade at your own risk.
- Items must be clearly marked with your asking price, name and call sign so people know what you want for it, and who to talk to about it.
- Unsold items are the responsibility of the seller to remove if they aren't sold by the end of meeting activities (after dinner). Abandoned items become the property of Cactus Intertie, Incorporated.
- Fun must be had with the swap table activity!

Cactus Intertie, Inc. encourages everyone attending the meeting to participate in this activity. The more the merrier! We will have a couple of tables set up at the meeting for you to place your items on or under. If you have questions or need help, feel free to ask Chris Baldwin/KF6AJM or any of the other meeting staff for assistance. We look forward to your participation!