All Cactus Intertie System members should have received a preprinted meeting registration form along with your meeting invitation by the end of January. Your registration form will contain your current membership database information. Verify that the information on your registration form is correct; if not please mark corrections. NOTE: You must be a member of Cactus Intertie System (i.e. be a member of an Intertie Affiliate or the Cactus Intertie, Inc.) to attend the meeting! Please return the registration form, along with a check for the appropriate amount, to the address on the form to pre-register for the annual meeting. If you are planning to attend the Saturday night dinner, be sure to indicate it your registration form. Blank forms will also be available at the Friday evening gathering and outside the meeting room Saturday morning before registration, however you will not be able to attend the Saturday evening dinner without advance registration. Contact your affiliate management to obtain your personalized preprinted registration form. If you are filling out a blank registration form at the meeting, you must complete the entire form for acceptance at registration. Your membership in the Cactus Intertie System will be verified at registration desk.

Registration will open at 7:00 am on Saturday. Multiple registration stations will be available to minimize the time necessary to register for the meeting. Register at the station for your call suffix (i.e. suffix is TMD for K6TMD). Your registration slip will be located at this station and will be used to quickly complete your registration. If you have not sent in your registration slip or have completed a blank form, proceed to the station for your call suffix.

If you plan to purchase Operations Manuals or other Merchandise, Order/Receipt Forms will be available inside the meeting hall and other areas. Prior to or after registration, complete the form and proceed to the areas set aside for the sale of merchandise items. Completion of one Order/Receipt form for multiple purchases is acceptable. If you would like to see a copy of the Order/Receipt Form or would like to print a copy click here.




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